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Delta Direct Safety Power


Very High Reliability

   EXWUI series

New range of Installation/Embedded

Switched mode power supplies

With complete control of Voltage and Current

Programmable by 0-5V or external resistors.


Voltage                            Current

0-20VDC                       0-70Amp

0-30VDC                       0-50Amp

0-52VDC                       0-30Amp

0-60VDC                       0-25Amp

0-90VDC                       0-17Amp

0-120VDC                     0-12Amp

0-180VDC                      0-8Amp

0-230VDC                     0-6.5Amp

Ideal to embed within Process Machines or Control cabinets. Complete with quick release connection for fast installation & servicing.


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