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Delta Direct Safety Power

ES SERIES Programmable Power Supplies


ES Programmable Power Supply
  • High efficiency, < 85%
  • Convection cooled
  • Light weight & compact
  • Voltage and current control via 10-turn potentiometers
  • Input / Output isolation 3750 Vrms
  • Voltage and current programmable by 0-5V
  • Monitor outputs 0 - 5V
  • IEEE488 and RS232 programming available using optional controllers
  • Ethernet Interface and Sequencer
  • Isolated analog programming using the ISO AMP option
  • Fully protected against short circuit and overload conditions

150 W

ES030 PDF Data Sheet

ES015-10 0 - 15 V 0 - 10A
ES030-5 0 - 30 V 0 - 5A
ES075-2 0 - 75 V 0 - 2A
ES0300-0.45 0 - 300 V 0 - 0.45A

300 W

ES030 PDF Data Sheet

ES030-10 0 - 30 V 0 - 10 A

ES Accessories
  PSC44M PDF Data Sheet IEEE interface to enable programming via a computer
PSC232 PSC232 PDF Data Sheet RS232 interface to enable programming via a computer
ISOAMP ISOAMP PDF Data Sheet Provides galvanic isolation when programming and monitoring.
Series ADPT ADPT PDF Data Sheet Provides an easy way of connecting SM power supplies in master / slave series mode.
Ethernet ADPT PDF Data Sheet PSC-Series Ethernet External module or built-in card option P150